Rules & Regulations

(a)Identity Card :
A non-transferable identity card will be issued to each student at the time of admission. Every student must have to carry the identity card in neck hang manner to enter into the College premises and throughout the time he/she stays in College.

(b)Attendance :
The minimum attendance must be 75% of the number of classes held in each subject in an academic year student having attendance less then 75% shall be declared as non-collegiate. As per GU Rule, internal marks (Total 10) is awarded to the students for cent percent attendance.

(c)Examination :
Examinations are normally held according to the College Academic Calender A student of 1st year class must appear in both the Unit est, besides Final Examination. Final year student must appear in the Test Examination. The promotion of a student or sending up a candidate for Final Examination will be determined by the overall performance of the student in all the examinations. Absence from any of the College examination without any valid reason shall be deemed sufficient cause for detaining a student in the same class or not allowing him/her to appear in the Final Examination.

For T.D.C. Semester Course :
As per Regulation of TDC for Semester system by GU, Sessional examinations I & II (for 1st 3rd/5th Semester) will be held in the month of September and November respectively . Similarly the Sessional examinations I & II (for 2nd/4th/6th Semester) will be held in the month of February and April respectively The final examinations for all the Semester will be held according to the dates announced by GU from time to time.

Note : The new Rules introduced by GU regarding the pattern of final examination will be followed.

(d) College Discipline :
Every student of the College shall abide by the Disciplinary Rules of the College as mentioned below.Any breach of disciplinary rules by a student shall be considered as a punishable offence.
(i) Every student seeking admission to the College shall be required to fill up a prescribed Application Form for admission in his/her own hand writing.
(ii) The students have to wear College Uniform prescribed by the College authority. They must follow the College identity Card Rule (a).
(iii) Students are to be punctual in their academic and other College activities.
(iv) Students are not to be involved themselves in any form of immoral and indecent activities.
(v) Students are not to resort to any kind of violence.
(vi) Students are to be obedient to the College authority, teacher and staff.
(vii) Students are not to be involve in damaging, defacing and devaluing any College property.
(viii) Students are not to act against public sanitation or any act calculated to cause of public nuisance, disturbance of public tranquility , communal trouble or breach of public peace.
(ix) Students are not to hold any meeting in the College or Hostel premises or College playground without permission or against the order of the Principal.
(x) Students are not to loiter in the College campus or in the College verandah.
(xi) Students are not to use unfair means in the College Examinations.
(xii) Use of Mobile phones within the College campus is strictly prohibited.